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Educate: Education and Training are our #1 focus

In today’s highly evolving vehicle market, technicians and shop owners are having a difficult time keeping up with the variety of complicated repair procedures. The introduction of special alloys, hybrid, electric cars, complex safety systems, all shop owner could use a helping hand in educating and training their technicians. The shear variety of different manufacturer type of collision can be daunting. The UABA is dedicated to making sure that shop, technicians and insurer work together to provide the consumer with a safe repair. But the UABA doesn’t just stop there.. We also provide seminars and training opportunities that are designed to keep shop owners informed on EPA requirements, OSHA standards, business improvement classes and more. Our Education committee work tirelessly to make insure UABA members get unique and powerful educational opportunities.


The UABA is designed to help shop owners get informed and stay informed about current issue and Trends that may affect the way they do business. The UABA communication committee and Membership committee provides members with up-to date information on the Utah and National collision repair industry.


The UABA is an insurance friendly organization that is dedicated to create open and honest communication within our industry for the benefit of the consumer. Our insurance relations were designed to facilitate inter-industry communication between Auto Body shop, insurers, and vendors. The UABA follows a all antitrust laws.